• Surgeon Background: James Lewis.

I was educated at Portsmouth Grammar School.

My medical training was at Guys’ Hospital Medical School.

I saw the potential partial knee replacement and was enthused by of the Oxford Unicompartmental knee replacement following the publication of their excellent 10 year results in 1998.

I gained an appointment in Oxford as a joint replacement fellow at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital for 6 months to learn directly from the originators of the prosthesis, the technique, their philosophies, on whom they advise the operation and on whom they don’t.

My research on the Oxford implant has been presented at a European Meeting. I am involved in teaching other consultants and trainee surgeons.

I have carried out over 250 of this particular operation; there is good scientific evidence of a relationship between numbers performed and quality.

In my experience it works particularly well in males, and patients who aren't too overweight.

It resurfaces the inner half of the knee, it doesn't have a matching patello-femoral component should it be needed.

In October 2008, I was introduced to the Sigma Partial Knee Resurfacing concept, which allows preservation of bone stock and the key cruciate ligaments. This allows "patches" to be placed in the worn areas- preserving the bulk of the good healthy knee for function.

The design encompasses new developments in design and concept. Its benefits include the ability to resurface more than one compartment (bicompartmental resurfacing). Furthermore the design of the patellofemoral coment is inset, rather than sitting ontop of the boe, it has a natural outer flare to contact the kneecap. Finally the components are as thin as the engineers can safely make them meaning they are a surface replacement or a resurfacing rather than a replacement.  However like all new designs it doesn't have long term outcome data.

I practice at Goring Hall Hospital, Sussex, UK

My goal is to provide you with exceptional service and a partial knee replacement of the highest quality.

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